Today, we are all Bostonians in heart

I grew up here. I went to college and grad school here. Rabbinical school took me to Jerusalem and New York, but only for a few years and now I’m back in Boston and I feel privileged to be able to raise my family here. Two boys and a little girl -God-willing- is on her way.

I’m a Boston girl through and through. 

I love my dirty water. I love when r’s are absent from words where they should in truth exist. I love the fact that when I was in Starbuck’s this past weekend in Lexington, I stood behind a whole militia of minuteman ordering macchiatos between battle re-enactment practice. I love Boston… and I hate it that we are in pain and feel fear.

I’m a Boston girl…  but today, we are all Bostonians in heart.

We’re seeking comfort. O God, source of all creation, grant us comfort in your presence just as we find it in the arms and words of family and friends.

We’re seeking courage. O God, grant us courage to face tragedy and not to let go of our ideals and convictions for a more peaceful world.

We’re seeking strength. O God, may we find strength within and strength in Your presence that is felt all around us.

May we honor the memories of those who lost their lives in this tragedy. May healing come swiftly in body and spirit to the wounded.

Boston, my love Boston, is the home of the strong. May we continue to forge ahead with strength as we care –so lovingly- for our fallen.


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