Moving & Jewish Stuff

In my years as a rabbi, there is one impulse that I have seen repeated over and over. If someone is moving or getting rid of things, anything that is remotely Jewish will be brought to the synagogue.

The definition of remotely Jewish includes not only the overtly Jewish things like prayer books, but also any artwork or tchotchke with a Jewish theme, any book or artwork or tchotchke made by someone with Jewish ancestry, anything that has any reference to the Bible, or anything with a Jewish star.

I’m thinking of this as I go through a move. The sorting is endless. What can be trashed and what recycled? Which organization accepts which items for donation, and what are their criteria? What am I giving to friends or to family? How can I make sure that the things that I love go to a good home, if it is time for me to give them up?

And that is what the synagogue can be, a good home for things that are Jewish. And isn’t it wonderful that people think of us as they make their transitions? How can we reach out to them at these times?

The picture is of something Jewish my grandmother, z”l, gave me.



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